Former Playboy reality TV host says that she ‘can attest’ to underground tunnels and quarters beneath the Playboy Mansion

Jenna Jameson Says She ‘Can Attest’ to Network of Tunnels Under Playboy Mansion

Source: National File 

Former Playboy reality TV host, Jenna Jameson, tweeted that she ‘can attest’ to underground tunnels and quarters beneath the Playboy Mansion.

This tweet made by Jameson was in reply to a thread that possibly links TMZ  photographs from outside the Playboy Mansion to previously unconfirmed aerial photographs of the same property.

The pictures show large-scale construction crews digging deep into the grounds of the property where the Playboy Mansion has stood since 1927.

After, a tweet was released from TMZ showing the Playboy Mansion under construction.

Jenna Jameson has been working in the sex work industry since 1993, but began working as a host for a pay-per-view reality show on Playboy TV from 2005 until 2006. Jameson archived Playboy profile referrers to as “legendary.”

On March 31, 2015 on a site called Messy Nessy Chic, writer Messy Nessy published a claim that Playboy editorial staff discovered blueprints, plans, and pictures of underground rooms and tunnels under Playboy Mansion.

They allege that these tunnels connected the home of Hugh Hefner to the nearby homes of Jack Nicholson, James Caan, Warren Beatty, and Kirk Douglas.

“Until now, Playboy journalists themselves have been kept in the dark about these secret tunnels.”

The Playboy editorial staff who allegedly found all this evidence did not get access to the tunnels.

“But when the team asked to see the actual tunnels, a staff member said (off the record), that he’d “heard” they were closed up sometime in 1989, the same year Mr. Hefner married playmate Kimberley Conrad. The Playboy journalists then reached out to Mr. Hefner, reps for Nicholson, Caan, Douglas and Beatty, but none of them wished or agreed to comment.”

Although the article does include two hyperlinks to, the pages have since been removed. Other reports say it was a clever April Fools Day prank executed by Hefner.

Now that there are pictures circulating the internet of active construction on the grounds of the Playboy Mansion, many of these rumors are beginning to resurface.