Pyrotechniek en Vuurwerk

Source: Steve McCann

The Communist Party leadership in China, steeped in that nation’s millennia of history as the dominant power of its known world prior to the eighteenth century, has long been resolved to take whatever actions are necessary to establish China as the undisputed global hegemon.  Over time, authoritarian oligarchies inevitably develop an innate determination to keep any societal or economic setbacks hidden from the rest of the world.

This mindset brought about the unleashing of the Chinese Coronavirus on an unsuspecting world.

This colossal blunder should permanently derail their global aspirations, as their naked ambitions and disregard for the other nations is now on full display.  Whether China continues unabated toward their ultimate objective is solely up to the United States, as no other nation or group of nations is either willing or capable of confronting China.  And that willingness to confront China is embodied in one person, Donald Trump.  Which is why the Communist leadership is determined to do all in their power, together with their de facto collaborators in the Democrat Party and the mainstream media, to defeat him in November.

Donald Trump, is among the few overwhelmingly successful magnates that never succumbed to the siren song of the Chinese communists and saw the dangers inherent in relying on them.  In an interview in 2010 he said:

If you look at what China is doing to our country, it’s disgraceful.  They’re making all of our products.  We’re not manufacturing anything.  They’re making all our products, and they’re selling them to us.  And then they’re loaning us the money.  They take the money and loan it back to us.  We should be fighting China.

As President he has been and continues to be virtually alone internationally and domestically in fighting China’s inequitable trade policies, their theft of trade and military technology, and their determination to relegate the United States to second tier status.

America’s historical allies have in essence been bought off and can no longer be relied upon to support any efforts by the United States under the leadership of President Trump.  Some European leaders have openly called for his defeat in November and have been among his harshest critics in his dealings with China.

The European Union is now China’s largest trading partner and a major source of investment capital throughout Western Europe.   Even George Soros, no friend of the United States, warned Europe about the pitfalls of getting in bed with China. Not surprisingly, China is now unabashedly exerting influence in Italy, France and other countries throughout the continent.    Which is why the European Union refused to initiate a travel ban from China during the entirety of the Coronavirus outbreak, leading to Europe being a global epicenter of the pandemic as well as the source of the overwhelming majority of the infections in the United States.

Any nation or company that has had any business dealing with the Chinese government or an entity controlled by the government can attest that any transaction always has a requisite or implied quid pro quo that oftentimes does not involve monetary considerations.  Once entangled in this web, it is nearly impossible to escape, as the Chinese communists are the embodiment of unabashedly utilizing high-tech intimidation tactics.

This lesson is either lost on or ignored by the hierarchy of the Democrat party, their financial supporters and their propaganda arm, the mainstream media, as they have embraced the maxim that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Their enemy is Donald Trump and their friend is Communist China.

Condemnation of China’s unparalleled and deliberate mishandling of the Coronavirus pandemic has been conspicuously nonexistent by virtually anyone in the Democrat party leadership or among its elected cohort or their donor class.   Nor has this cabal denounced China for actively promoting throughout the world the despicable lie that the United States is responsible for the Coronavirus epidemic and that they, China, has heroically fought and totally dispatched the dreaded disease.

Taking its cue from the Chinese Central Propaganda Department, the Democrat party and the media’s unceasing and often fabricated disparagement of President Trump in a time of national crisis is part of a calculated strategy to frame the Coronavirus pandemic in a way that leads to his defeat in November.

The Democrat party’s presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, is wholly owned by the Chinese due to his innumerable and unethical business, financial and personal ties to China.  That the Democrat party hierarchy is willing to nominate someone so overtly compromised reveals their willingness to “work with” China.

Among the Democrat Party’s primary financial backers, are the entertainment and media conglomerates, as well as high tech and Wall Street billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg, all of whom have considerable financial and manufacturing ties to China.

Over the past twenty years, China has invested heavily in and formed joint ventures with American tech companies and media and entertainment conglomerates.   For example AT&T, the owner of CNN, and Comcast, the owner of NBC and MSNBC, are involved in a number of significant joint ventures with the Chinese government.   Google, Facebook and Twitter, among other American tech companies determined to gain access to the Chinese market, have acquiesced to virtually every demand of the Politburo in Beijing.  Unsurprisingly, China has been flooding Facebook and Instagram with ads blaming Trump for the Coronavirus pandemic while touting their so-called successes in stemming the spread of the virus.  They can do so without fear of censorship, unlike conservatives or the Trump campaign in the United States.

The Democrat party’s propaganda arm, the mainstream media, is filled with so-called journalists who are ill-educated, credulous, incapable of generating an original thought beyond their self-absorption, and easily stage-managed.   Their sophomoric hatred of President Trump makes them ideal dupes to spout the daily Democrat party’s talking points and unwittingly embarrass themselves in the gotcha game with the President.  They are now being used to fan the flames of mass hysteria, promoting the gambit that lockdowns cannot end until there is a vaccine, pouncing on any attempt to reopen the economy, claiming that will cause more people to die, regurgitating Chinese propaganda about how well China has and is handling the Coronavirus pandemic, and bing complicit in bringing the nation to its knees prior to the November election.

The stakes in this upcoming election are far greater than those in any recent presidential election.  For the first time in American history, a major political party is in league with a hostile foreign power to defeat an incumbent president.

Communist China is at a crossroads.  If Donald Trump is defeated in November, then China will not have suffered any setback for the Coronavirus debacle.  With a compliant government in Washington D.C., their ambitions for world domination will continue apace.  And the United States will further evolve into a vassal state beholden to the manufacturing supremacy and financial domination of an authoritarian state.  If Donald Trump is re-elected along with a Republican Congress, then China’s grand plans for world domination will be thwarted and this nation will have the opportunity to divorce itself from reliance on a hostile foreign power.