Source: Jacob Engels

While Bill Maher is usually a left-wing jerk, he gets it right every once in a while. He has lambasted progressive acceptance of brutal Islamist regimes and Sharia Law. He has derided the modern day progressive idea that we must censor everything as to not hurt anyone’s feelings. Maher still might be an anti-Trump asshole, but you can’t call him a modern day liberal.

During his closing monologue for this week’s Real Time with Bill Maher, which airs on HBO, Maher deconstructed the PC police who demand that we refer to Chinese Flu as COVID-19, as to not place blame on China. Rightfully so, Maher explained exactly why we must blame China and what China can do to stop the spread of Wuhan Flu.

The liberal talk show host even hinted at the fact that the Chinese Flu could have been a bio-weapon engineered by the Chinese government. Bravo!