• The Facts:According to more than 20 witnesses, a very large aerial object with very bright lights hovered near Fox Lake between 8pm and 9pm, in December of 1996, in Yukon, Canada.
  • Reflect On:The disclosure of these strange objects has happened, and they’ve been recognized within the ‘mainstream.’ Are these objects extraterrestrial? How long have they been sighted?

The topic of UFOs has gained a tremendous amount of credibility, especially within the past few years alone. We’ve written in depth about the subject for ten years now, and if you’re interested in skimming through some of our articles on the subject, you can find all of them, in order, here

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There are no shortage of stories from around the world when it comes to UFO sightings, one great example of strange objects that are commonly seen in the sky comes from the Yukon, a province in Canada situated on the Northwest side of the country. It’s a remote area, nowhere near  any major cities or populated areas. This reported sighting happened on December 11th, 1996 near a place called Fox Lake. It’s extremely cold in this part of the country at this time of year – it’s not far from Alaska – and again, it is hundreds of miles from any major city or heavily populated public area.

According to more than 20 witnesses, a very large aerial object with very bright lights hovered near the lake (Fox Lake) between 8pm and 9pm.

The picture you see as the cover for this article was done by Canadian engineer Martin Jasek, who wrote a detailed account of the event after he investigated it for himself.

“Two of the witnesses were cousins, driving in separate vehicles. Each saw it over the lake, slammed on their brakes, and got out of their vehicles. They watched the huge object as it slowly drifted towards one of them and was soon almost directly overhead.  It then moved slowly across the highway and over a hill to the east, whereupon it was lost to view.” (1)

“While the two cousins were observing this object, a married couple with their baby were a bit farther to the south along the same highway, driving toward them. They too saw the object. By the time they caught up with the cousins and pulled over, the object had moved off. The married couple continued driving until they arrived at a lodge farther ahead. There, they told the owner abougt what they had seen. He promptly recounted a sighting from an earlier witness, who had gotten very close to this object. (1)