Source: Jim Hoft

It really is quite stunning that Democrats put all their money on Joe Biden.
The man is obviously suffering from senior dementia.
Obama finally endorsed his VP on Monday.

The Democrat party and their fake news allies in America are trying to cover up the obvious but it won’t work.
No amount of media gaslighting will cover up the obvious — Joe Biden is not able to lead. He can’t even hold an online town hall without wandering off camera.

Sky News Australia host, Rita Panahi, told her audience this week “No matter how hard the Democrats and their allies in the media try, Biden’s cognitive issues can no longer be ignored… There is simply too much footage of these… Charlie Sheen levels of confusion to gaslight the American public. Biden has appeared frail, perplexed and just odd on too many public occasions. So much so that his campaign workers have been accused of elder abuse. “

Earlier today Panahi reacted to the media mob attacks on President Trump on Monday.

Rita Panahi: “I thought it was fantastic for him to show that, to throw that fake news in their face. And the meltdown from CNN was delicious.”

More Rita on CNN…

And recently Rita Panahi said there “wasn’t enough popcorn in the world” to get through a Trump-Biden dabate!