Police cite sunbather in Rimini for failure to comply with lockdown.

Source: Breitbart News

ROME — Italian police used drones, quads, and a jeep to hunt down and fine a man thought to be spreading coronavirus by lying alone on an Italian beach.

The City of Rimini posted a video of the police action against the sunbather on its website, boasting of the efficiency of local police in bringing the miscreant to justice.

On Sunday, the Italian news service ANSA reported that photos of the police operation had gone viral, unleashing an unexpected avalanche of fury against the government for its “dictatorial” methods, while others praised the lone bather for his exemplary “social distancing.”

Police use advanced technology to track down renegade sunbather.

Police patrol parks and beaches in search of lockdown violations.

The Italian Interior Ministry reported Monday that 17,500 people were issued citations over the weekend for failing to comply with the Wuhan coronavirus lockdown provisions.

Of the 8,724 who received sanctions on Sunday, 8,641 were fined for traveling outside the home without sufficient justification, 74 for false declarations, and 9 for violated quarantine.

This weekend Italian police stop-checked 197,750 persons and investigated 68,252 businesses, of which 32 were closed down.