HENZHEN, CHINA -SEPTEMBER 24: Workers make pods for e-cigarettes on the production line at Kanger Tech, one of China's leading manufacturers of vaping products, on September 24, 2019 in Shenzhen, China. Global production for e-cigarette and vaping products is centered in a five-square-mile district of Shenzhen, China, which is the …

Source: Breitbart News 

President Donald Trump said Saturday the biggest lesson of the coronavirus crisis was that the United States should not rely on China for their supply chains.

“We’ve learned a lot about supply chains,” Trump said. “We’ve learned that it’s nice to make things in the U.S., I’ve been saying that for a long time.”

The president discussed the issue during the White House press briefing, recalling he ran for president on the dangers of America’s dependence on bad trade deals and foreign countries while gutting our country’s industries.

“If one thing comes out of this more than anything else is that we should make product in the United States,” he said.

Trump noted that he also promised as a candidate to be tough on China and successfully pressured them with tariffs to make an important trade deal.

“With China, we made the deal, and it became friendly, but then this happened,” he recalled.

Trump recalled reading a story about America’s car companies facing a struggle to return to normal, as it would be difficult to get all the parts they needed from around the world.

“What happens when you’re in a war, and you have a supply chain where half of your supplies are given to in other countries?” Trump asked. “Who are the people that thought of it? These are globalists. It doesn’t work.”