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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized President Donald Trump’s plans to re-open America, claiming it’s still too dangerous and chiding the president with the line “Every life is precious.” Unfortunately for Nasty Nancy, this comment didn’t go unnoticed by Americans and she got slammed in ways she never saw coming.

As many people pointed out, Pelosi stating “every life is precious” is really rich considering she won Planned Parenthood’s 2014 Margaret Sanger Award.

This has been a week from hell for Nancy Pelosi who has made three huge mistakes that is causing her a lot of grief from the American people.

MadWorld report: Nancy Pelosi abandoned her post as House Speaker last week by instituting a “full pay” leave for herself and her cohorts until May 4. Then, she flew her family from New York to her San Francisco mansion which we bet doesn’t come under “essential travel.”

Americans were rightly livid, but she was just getting warmed up.

The Speaker was caught making a cringe-worthy appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden where she dazzled the country showing off her two $24,000 dollar industrial-sized refrigerators full of $13 dollar a pint ice cream.

On Tuesday, Pelosi blamed the president for causing “unnecessary deaths and economic disaster” and ultimately bungling the “strong economy” supposedly handed to him in 2017, Breitbart reports. 

Pelosi also claimed she was in “prayer and reflection” when we all know the truth is she was busy eating a ton of chocolate ice cream. 

The 80-year-old Democrat is still refusing to work with the GOP to aid the small businesses which are running out of money. “I cannot understand after watching another 5 million get unemployed how Speaker Pelosi continues to say no,” GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a press call with reporters, Fox News reported.

Making matters worse, Pelosi is now complaining about President Donald Trump’s plan to reopen America for business. Nancy said Trump’s “in denial” and called his push to swiftly reopen the country “really scary.

She then posted this tweet: “To say ‘People will die, so be it’ instead of a science & testing-based path to reopening the economy is deeply frivolous & wrong. Every life is precious. Each death is heartbreaking — for a family & for a community. This is something we are all in together. #FamiliesFirst.”

Well, that’s really rich coming from the woman who won Planned Parenthood’s 2014 Margaret Sanger Award.

A person dies every time an abortion is committed and you simply say ‘so be it.Indeed, every life is precious. Start acting like it,” tweeted Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned anti-abortion activist.

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