Source: Judicial Watch

“If you want to know why President Trump was being targeted for impeachment, it’s because they knew that if it came out there would be calls for prosecutions.” Crucial new revelations on #Spygate were discussed at length in this week’s Judicial Watch Weekly Update with Tom Fitton.

“The greatest scandal in American history,” Spygate remains largely unresolved. What’s more, recently declassified FISA Warrant applications have confirmed that the “FBI and DOJ knew that the the dossier may have included Russian disinformation,” according to Fitton. “They didn’t know for sure, but they had reason to believe that was the case, and they didn’t tell the court about it,” Fitton continues.

Russian intel or not, it is now a proven fact that the FBI and DOJ “were covering up and spying on Trump illegally,” protecting Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the process. Pressured over her hidden emails, Fitton believes that Clinton’s allies at the DOJ and FBI likely used the Russiagate scandal as “insurance” to target Trump unlawfully. The new disclosures that were just declassified last Friday demonstrate the following:

“They knew it was Russian intel, and the footnotes [of the IG report] make that dramatically clear. The Clintons were working with the Russians, and remember the FBI was working with the Clintons too. You have the Obama FBI in a joint operation with the Clinton campaign and if reports are to be believed there’s strong evidence that the joint operations included spy operations to destroy President Trump.”

So if you’re looking for answers on the faux-impeachment efforts of the Pelosi-Schiff “coup cabal in the House,” know that “it was all to protect themselves,” Fitton affirms. The more we know about the Spygate scandal, the clearer the motives are for the “constant assault since 2016.” Arguably, “if the DOJ ever got its act together, and the admin was ever undistracted by the coup attacks, they [the anti-trump conspirators] would fear prosecution for this intense corruption.”

Judicial Watch’s “lawsuits have generated much of what we know about this scandal, but the crisis is that the DOJ refuses to prosecute anyone. They talk about FISA reform, but really what what needs to happen is that someone needs to be prosecuted in a serious way for breaking the law. If they’re not it’s going to happen again.”