Source: GP

Democrat Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones has said that he will not be seeking reelection after he defied his party and endorsed President Donald Trump’s reelection.

Jones says that instead of running for reelection, he will be resigning and working to keep President Trump in office.

“Turn the lights off, I have left the plantation,” Jones said in a statement. “Someone else can occupy that suite. Therefore, I intend not to complete my term effective April 22, 2020.”

The Democrat lawmaker also tweeted about his decision, saying he will “do all I can” to reelect the president.

“Earlier today, I made the decision to not seek re-election to the Georgia House of Representatives,” he wrote. “I look forward, however, to continuing to serve my community in other ways and doing all I can to re-elect @realDonaldTrump. We will Make America Great Again.”

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