Source: Nicholas Fondacaro

In the middle of ABC’s coronavirus coverage, during Sunday’s Good Morning America, the network admitted what many people had already figured out, that communist China had covered up the emergence and spread of the virus. But Sunday’s report came with the backup of a “blistering” U.S. intelligence assessment, as reported by correspondent Rachel Scott.

“This morning, U.S. intelligence officials are accusing China of a coronavirus cover-up. A new report from the Department of Homeland Security, obtained by ABC News, claims the Chinese government intentionally concealed the severity of COVID-19 in early January,” Scott explained at the top of her report.

Scott even appeared to throw the World Health Organization (WHO) under the bus for spreading China’s misinformation:

During that time, officials say China was also building out its own stockpile of medical supplies. And took steps to protect it. On January 14th, the WHO shared this tweet, saying China saw “no evidence of human-to-human transmission” of coronavirus.

This was something many people had already understood to be true. Meanwhile, the liberal media were clutching their pearls about President Trump cutting funding to the propaganda spreading organization.



On the issue of China’s stockpiling, Scott noted that their actions had disrupted “the global supply chain for nations that needed those essential items most.” And according to the intelligence assessment she was citing, China produced roughly “80 percent of the surgical face masks. But 48 percent fewer were shipped out. Gloves were down 48 percent. And exported ventilators dropping 45 percent.”

A short time later, co-anchor Dan Harris was speaking with chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz and expressed concern that this new information could lead to some sort of confrontation between the U.S. and China.

“I think it certainly could, Dan. That is a pretty alarming series of events if China was hiding this — outright hiding this to stockpile these kinds of ventilators and masks and whatever they could stockpile,” Raddatz responded.

She deduced that “President Trump will probably take a very serious look at that” because “he’s been focusing on China. He’s even suggested that the virus broke out in a lab in China. So, that is something that President Trump will seriously look at to see if there’s any retaliation.”

ABC has arguably been the more honest broadcast network when it came to China’s efforts to obfuscate the facts. As CBS’s and NBC’s evening newscasts had quietly stopped sharing China’s claim of ‘no new domestic’ coronavirus infections, ABC’s World News Tonight reported on April 13 and 14 that China had seen a new outbreak.