In Brief

  • The Facts:New documentary called Regenerate: Beyond The C02 Narrative explores how we can truly regenerate our environment. The current mainstream focus on C02 is not the answer.
  • Reflect On:Are we viewing the earth as a mechanical machine? Are we living in a society built on disconnection? Do we value maintaining the status quo more than creating a thriving life for all?

I have a new film I want to share with you, one that I was very passionate about creating because I believe it has the power to truly change the way we think about our environment.

I’ve been researching the topic of climate change for over 10 years, and the one thing I can honestly tell you, no matter what political side you are on or what you think the science says: the topic is very dizzying. No, it’s not as simple as the oil companies are faking science to show dangers to our climate are not as bad. No, it’s not as simple as lowering CO2 emissions, in fact, that is an incredibly misleading narrative. What we have to do is much different than that.

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