Source:  Curtis Houck

Along with reporters donning masks (which led to muffled questions), Friday’s abbreviated White House Press Briefing was tough sledding for the liberal media. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany began her third briefing highlighting the Justice Department dropping the Michael Flynn case and citing NewsBusters before ending later with a zing to a perturbed Paula Reid from CBS.



And for the supposed geniuses at CNN and MSNBC, they didn’t carry Friday’s briefing. This was despite the fact that the liberal media routinely threw fits over the lack of daily briefing, but now that McEnany has assumed the post and brought them back, they’ve decided to stop caring.

McEnany ended her passionate defense of Flynn and torching of the Deep State with a quote from Montesquieu and a nod to this post from our own Nicholas Fondacaro:

I hope the media will take these questions very seriously, will report the facts. There was heavy interest in the first iteration of Flynn news from many years ago, that got four times the coverage than the exoneration Michael Flynn got today. That was a report by the Media Research Center. So, these facts are important, and thank you very much for those who have taken interest in reporting.

And then as she left the podium 11 minutes later ahead of a White House event, Reid feigned outrage that McEnany started with the Flynn news.

Instead of ignoring her, McEnany gave her a friendly glare before saying “justice matters” (click “expand”):

MCENANY: Oh, two minutes to 1:00. I’m sorry to cut this short. But as you know, you guys were supposed to meet with three minutes go with the President of the United States.

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