Met Police visited LinkedIn profile of lockdown dissenter.

UK: Police Investigating People Who Post Tweets Critical of Lockdown

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Police in the UK are apparently investigating people online who post tweets critical of the coronavirus lockdown.

Toby Young’s website was contacted by a reader who regularly dissents against the shutdown of the UK on social media.

“I was contacted by a reader who has been very critical of police over-reach on Twitter,” writes Young.

“He saw a Tweet from another sceptic complaining the police had checked his profile on LinkedIn and thought, “That can’t possibly be true. Surely, they’ve got more urgent maters to attend to?” He then checked his own LinkedIn profile and found this.”


A screenshot shows that the individual’s LinkedIn profile was accessed nine times between April 28 and May 5, and that one of the visitors was someone working for Metropolitan Police in London.

Not content with using surveillance drones to publicly shame remote countryside dog walkers, the authorities are now also apparently keeping tabs on anti-lockdown social media posts.

Because it’s not like there’s much real crime to deal with in London, is it?