Source: Cristina Laila

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti extended the Coronavirus lockdown until August for no good reason.

Garcetti said that beaches will reopen for exercise and active recreation only; people will not be allowed to touch dry sand.

Beach goers will only be allowed to exercise in the wet sand.

Sunbathing in dry sand is illegal, according to power hungry Garcetti.

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“The beaches will open this week for exercise and active recreation only — in the wet sand I guess is a good way of thinking about it — not hanging out and tanning in the dry sand,” Garcetti said.

What is the science behind this? There is none!

WATCH Tucker Carlson torch “neurotic megalomaniac” Eric Garcetti who is “terrified of dry sand”:

Mayor Eric Garcetti said Wednesday during an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Los Angeles won’t completely reopen until there is a cure for Coronavirus.

Citizens in Los Angeles who have had enough of Garcetti’s tyranny have started a petition to have him recalled and bounced from office.