Source: Mac Slavo

There’s a lot of tyrannical nonsense being propagated by the mainstream media on behalf of the ruling class and the elitists of the world, However, there are a lot of people awakening to the fact that they have lived as slaves and want to be free.

The ball started rolling slowly, but it’s picking up speed.  It won’t be too much longer before people figure out the whole truth.  That no one has the right to rule them just as they don’t have the right to rule anyone else.  We are all free, sovereign humans who have been brainwashed into accepting whatever chains the government has put on us.  But a good number of us have finally gotten off our knees and said: “that’s enough!” We are moving beyond fear and anger into a whole other realm of reasoning and logic.

After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

A huge shift is taking place.   Instead of accepting the official narrative and willingly submitting to slavery, the general population is started to ask questions.  They are starting to help their fellow humans and living life freely in spite of the tyranny enforcing cops and government telling them to submit to slavery so they can be “safe.”

We all have the power to stop the government and the elitists in their tracks.  All we have to do is live freely, which is our birthright  Every single one of us was born free.  We have to be brainwashed to accept our enslavement because no one would willingly give up half of the fruits of their labor on their own. No one would willingly submit to working their life away for others.  No one would willingly submit to theft and the murder of people they have never met.

Humans in the past have been relatively easy to control, But that’s all coming to end.  People are realizing they have a consciousness and free will and don’t need rulers to dictate their lives to them.

We can have a future that’s bright, and full of liberty and freedom and peace. But this will require a lot more people to open their eyes and stop ingesting the propaganda.  It will require all of us standing united against tyranny in support of everyone else’s rights. It will require that we all disobey immoral commands from anyone, including the government and the police.  It will require we let morality and compassion guide our decisions instead of propaganda and deceit.

We are on the precipice of a great future, but we all need to make sure we know what is going on and unite to stop tyranny in it’s tracks for good.