The public is enraged at this exploitation.

Source: Shane Trejo

The fashion company Claire’s is receiving considerable backlash over using Desmond is Amazing in their ads.

Claire’s has featured Desmond is Amazing, a transgender child who has become the poster child for mainstreaming child abuse, in hair tutorials.

The company was forced to delete their Facebook post promoting Desmond is Amazing due to the widespread anger that was caused the exploitation of this child.

This is part of the trend of corporations embracing LGBT as a monetizing opportunity. Every June during Pride Month, corporate America revels in sin and degeneracy. As atheistic China grows more powerful in a globalist world, Christian values will inevitably be mocked throughout Western Civilization in order to break the population and soften them up for the takeover.

This is far from the first time a corporation has used Desmond is Amazing to hawk their Chinese-slave-made junk. Corporate America has clearly turned their back on decency.

The shoe company Converse used Desmond in 2019 to appeal to the LGBT community:

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