You know when Mr. Woods jumps into the fray, your goose is cooked

James Woods Shows Zero Mercy to Blundering Biden With this ...

Source: Missy Crane

After Yesterday’s racist blunder, where Biden declared that black people who don’t vote for him “ain’t” actually black, the former vice president has been reeling from the massive backlash.

Biden set off an internet crap storm with his remarks. Will he lose support as a result? Likely, no. Or at least not enough to matter. But what comments like these do is it gives Team Trump more ammo to use against Biden to depress the enthusiasm level on his end.

The strategy against Biden is not so much about trying to persuade black voters to change their political allegiance (although that would be really nice if they did) as it is to dampen the excitement and hope they stay home on election day.

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Honestly, that’s a more realistic approach and one that will likely work out.