Jeffrey Epstein staffers posted photos with a slew of ...

Source: Baxter Dmitry

Former US President Bill Clinton claims he never visited Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous private island, but a former Epstein employee has come forward to corroborate allegations that Clinton secretly visited ‘Pedo Island’ as a VIP guest.

Steve Scully, who was responsible for maintaining the phones and internet on Little Saint James Island, has confirmed Clinton visited the island and socialized with the convicted pedophile.

In a new documentary, Scully describes seeing the former president sitting with Epstein on the porch of the island’s villa, where underage girls were allegedly taken and assaulted by the pedophile and other members of the international elite.

The explosive allegation will be aired in the new series Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, and contradicts Clinton’s claim that he never visited Epstein’s private island.