On Tuesday Twitter added a fake fact-check to President Trump’s tweet on mail-in voting scandals.

 Conservative Michael Coudrey caught this earlier today on a Trump tweet on mail-in voter fraud!

Here’s another look at how his tweet will look in incognito mode.

Twitter is running “fact-checks” on the president’s tweets in support of mail-in voting!

And the person behind Twitter “Site Integrity” is an avowed leftist who says there are “nazis in the White House.”

On Wednesday Jenna Ellis, senior legal adviser to Team Trump and Attorney to President Trump, issued a response to Twitter’s partisan tactics on Wednesday.

Team Trump rejects Twitter’s blatantly partisan attempt to ‘fact check’ the President on election integrity. Twitter falsely undermined the truth and opinion of his tweet, thereby misleading the American public on the valid concerns with mail-in ballots.

FACTS: Mail-in balloting increases the chain of custody of a ballot and thus increases the incidents of fraud. Without mail-in balloting, there can’t be vote harvesting, which is a key attempt of Democrats to undermine important safeguards to election security. Without mail-in balloting, there is ZERO chance of ballots being stolen or not cast on time.

Election integrity and security is not a partisan issue and President Trump is right to be concerned with keeping the votes of all Americans in all elections free and fair.

We call on Twitter to remove this partisan ‘fact check’ flag and obvious political maneuver suggesting President Trump’s tweet was false.

On Thursday President Trump will announce new regulations for the tech giants regarding their partisan censorship.

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