Garcetti Institutes 8 P.M. Curfew, Says Violence Does ...

Source: Ian Hanchett

During a press conference on Saturday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) urged people to allow firefighters to put fires out and allow the police to restore peace and announced that the city would institute a curfew on downtown LA from 8 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Garcetti also stated that those who are violent “do a disservice” to the memory of George Floyd.

Garcetti said, “Whether you wear a badge, or whether you hold a sign, I’m asking all of Los Angeles to take a deep breath and to step back for a moment, to allow our firefighters to put out the flames, to allow our peace officers to re-establish some order, and for us to let them protect your rights to be out there for as many days as we need to, for as many protests as we have to, until change isn’t just something that’s a slogan, but change is in the actions we see across this country, so that not one more person has to die with a knee in their neck.”

He also told those who would resort to violence, “do not do a disservice to the memory of George [Floyd.] … Do not make a disservice to the folks who have died at the hands of the brutality that we all stand against.”