From the safety of their gated mansions, virtue signallers cry outrage, claim Trump is using military against ‘peaceful protesters’

Leftists, Hollywood Celebrities Melt Down Over 'Fascist' Trump Squashing 'Protests'

Source: Steve Watson |

As a third night of rioting, looting and violence broke out across America, leftists and pointless Hollywood celebrities took to Twitter to hyperventilate over President Trump’s use of National Guard troops, and federal police to crack down on protesters in DC, and described his vow to take control in other cities if Democratic governors do not as ‘fascist’.

In addition to more rioting and looting, footage emerged last night of so called ‘protesters’ running through police lines in cars, severely injuring some officers,

This activity is literally out of the ISIS playbook, yet Hollywood virtue signalling leftists are outraged at the guard, the police and Trump:

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