Patton Oswalt Compares Antifa Rioters to U.S. Troops Who ...

Source: Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Hollywood actor Patton Oswalt has compared Antifa terrorists to the brave U.S. troops who landed at Normandy on D-Day.

Oswalt’s praise of the far-left group was in direct response to President Trump’s Sunday announcement that the U.S. would be declaring Antifa a terrorist organization.

“I’m 100% with you Donald!” Oswalt tweeted sarcastically with a photo of the World War II D-Day landing. “Antifa has been horrible for so long. Here’s some anti-fascists ruining a perfectly good beach day in France! Wish you could have been there to stop them!” reports: The Ratatouille star compared Antifa rioters — who have destroyed numerous small businesses and assaulted innocent bystanders in recent days — to U.S. troops landing at Normandy on D-Day.

Oswalt’s conflation of Antifa with U.S. soldiers who fought Nazi Germany during World War II is a common tactic used among left-wing defenders of the extremist organization who take the name “Antifa,” or “anti-fascist,” at face value.

Following President Trump’s  announcement on Sunday, Twitter was flooded with users who expressed solidarity with the violent group by tweeingd the hashtag #IamAntifa while also noting relatives who fought during World War II.

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