Rubio is getting played like a fiddle.

Source:  Shane Trejo

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is spreading a media hoax that right-wing extremist groups are fomenting violence in the streets as the nation goes up in flames due to sustained rioting.

He released a groveling video on Sunday over Twitter in which he blamed nonexistent right-wing groups for causing violence along with left-wing extremists.

“The murder of George Floyd is both a tragedy and a travesty, and the anger we’ve seen built around that isn’t just justified, but is also more than just about Mr. Floyd’s murder. It is about the fact a substantial percentage of the American family believes and feels that their issues receive less attention and their lives are held with less value because of their race, because of the color of their skin,” Rubio said, echoing far-left Black Lives Matter talking points.

After making excuses for the rioters, he turned his focus to a conspiracy theory that right-wing agitators are instigating the violence.

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