Liberal activist charged with attempted murder and assault

Shock Video: Leftist Lawyer/George Floyd "Protester" Shoots Driver In Head

Source: Infowars

A liberal lawyer from Colorado is being charged with attempted murder and assault after he shot a driver in the head while the motorist tried to creep through a line of protesters blocking the road.

A nearby security camera captured the incident on tape.

Obtained by KRDO NewsChannel 13, video shows about a dozen protesters swarm the middle of the street before a truck approaches very slowly and attempts to make its way through the small group.

Despite driving extremely slow, not hitting anyone or even putting any of the protesters in danger, attorney James Marshall, 27, pulled out a handgun and shot the driver in the head.

The driver, Danny Pruitt, was found alert and sitting in his truck a half-mile down the road.

Pruitt is currently on life support in Colorado Springs hospital.

Marshall was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, but is now free after paying a $60,000 bond.

While protesters claimed Pruitt “plowed through the crowd,” video shows otherwise.

“We’ve heard the same thing,” Alamos Police Capt. Joey Spangler said of the rumors. “But again, it’s an ongoing investigation. I can say we have no evidence to show that he was driving into or through the protestors.”