Archbishop Viganò urges Trump not to surrender to the Left.

Source:  Shane Trejo

Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has issued a harrowing letter to President Donald Trump urging him not to back down in the face of the incredible evil that is coming from the political Left.

“The children of light constitute the most conspicuous part of humanity, while the children of darkness represent an absolute minority. And yet the former are the object of a sort of discrimination which places them in a situation of moral inferiority with respect to their adversaries, who often hold strategic positions in government, in politics, in the economy and in the media,” Viganò wrote in his letter to President Trump.

“In an apparently inexplicable way, the good are held hostage by the wicked and by those who help them either out of self-interest or fearfulness,” he added.

Viganò, who worked as a Vatican ambassador to Washington before blowing the whistle about child rapists hiding behind the cloth, showed his incredible knowledge of what is going on in contemporary politics, and urged Trump to keep his resolve under the incredible pressure that he is facing.

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