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President Trump announced during a trip to Texas on Thursday steps his administration will take to reduce racial inequalities and combat police brutality.

The comments from Trump, which come after nationwide protests over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and amid calls by activists to defund police departments, mark the first steps the White House has taken to reform law enforcement agencies in the wake of the national unrest.

The president promised to take steps to increase economic opportunities in minority communities, address the healthcare disparities faced by the black community, lobby Congress to enact school choice, and sign an executive order calling on police departments to adhere to the “most current standards on use of force.”

But Trump made clear, that he would not be advocating for cutting funding to police departments.

“We’re not defunding the police, in fact we’re going the opposite route,” Trump said during his remarks during a roundtable on police reform in Dallas. “We’re going to have stronger police forces.”