Ann Coulter: Corrupt Democrat Prosecutors Let ‘Jeffrey ...

Source: Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Corrupt Democrat prosecutors allowed pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein sexually abuse minors, Ann Coulter declared in an interview on Thursday.

Coulter spoke with SiriusXM host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host John Binder and reflected on left-wing news media framing Epstein’s conduct as a failure of federal Republican authorities, contrasting former Florida prosecutor Barry Krischer’s pursuit of charges against Rush Limbaugh — which included a raid on the radio host’s doctors’ offices — with his approach towards Epstein.

“[It] is so outrageous how they just blow off that a Democratic prosecutor spent five years going after Rush Limbaugh for taking back pain pills,” Coulter said.

“I‘m also getting a little tired of hearing about, ‘The genius reporting of the Miami Herald. They brought all this forward and, woo, they got people interested.’ I would like someone to present to me what was in the Miami Herald that readers of the Palm Beach Post did not know in 2006 and which I begged the national media to cover.” reports: Coulter continued, “All of that was delivered on a silver platter to Democratic prosecutor Barry Krischer, but he was busy going after the back pain medication case [with Rush Limbaugh].”

Coulter explained that Krischer opted to present the state’s charges against Epstein to a grand jury instead of directly indicting to a jury.

“The only thing Jeffrey Epstein was indicted for was solicitation of prostitution, for which he got parole,” said Coulter of the Krischer-led prosecution of Epstein. “That was the only reason there even was a federal prosecution.”


“There are plenty of ways to bootstrap a state case — which is what this was — into the federal courts if you have a corrupt local prosecutor, as Florida did [and] as New York City does in Cyrus Vance,” added Coulter. “Cyrus Vance [let] both Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein rape girls and women with wild abandon — no problem in New York, no problem in Palm Beach.”

Coulter highlighted the New York Times and MSNBC’s shared focus on Republican federal prosecutors while overlooking the role of Democrat state prosecutors:

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