Residents in Miami, Fla., drive into a COVID-19 testing area at Hard Rock Stadium on July 2. Florida reported a surge of 10,000 cases on Sunday and is one of the states with the fastest growing number of coronavirus cases. Photo by Gary I Rothstein/UPI

Source: UPI

New COVID-19 cases have declined in New York since the state first launched its economic reopening plan, which entered the third stage Monday, marking a sharp contrast to many other areas.

At a news conference, Gov. Andrew Cuomo hailed the success of New York’s phased approach, noting that the number of new cases is “actually down from where we were when we started reopening.”

The question was, when you start reopening, activity will go up, number of cases will go up, can you control the increase?” he said to reporters.

“We haven’t needed to control the increase, we’ve actually had a slight decline, and now we’re basically running flat. And that is great news. That is really great news.”

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