Source: CD Media Staff

Once the global hotspot for COVID-19, New York City recorded zero deaths from the virus on Independence Day, for the first time since March 13th. Given the latest criteria for what constitutes a COVID death, the true first zero-death day likely occurred prior to that date, but as far as bureaucrats at NYC Health are concerned, it happened on the Fourth.


Mainstream media has ignored this historic day, choosing to focus on a spike in new cases nationally. True, positive cases are up 134% based on a 7-day moving average from Johns Hopkins University. During that time, deaths are down 39%.

What can we extrapolate from this data? For one, the conservative outrage over Democratic governors sending COVID+ patients to nursing homes resulted in the eradication of that murderously illogical policy. So the wildfire that burned for so long in senior care facilities has been put out.

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