Source: Jim Hoft

On Monday New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a poster at his press conference Monday that celebrates his response to the COVID-19 China coronavirus that devastated New York state and especially New York City this year.

New York state ended up being the epicenter of the coronavirus.  The state totaled over 32,000 deaths.

The new poster is cynically topped with a statement by Cuomo, “Wake Up America! Forget the Politics, Get Smart!”

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This is an outrageous statement by the New York Governor especially considering New York State has the worst coronavirus numbers in the world. The mortality rate in New York is significantly higher than any country in the world.

According to the Worldometer:

New York State has 1,668 deaths per one million residents.

Only New Jersey had a worse number than New York state with 1,760 deaths per one million residents.

Both states sent coronavirus patients to nursing homes.

There is not a single country in the world that has worse numbers than New York State.

No country comes close to New York state in number of deaths per million residents!
The closest country is the UK that has 660 deaths per million residents!

New York state had 1,668 deaths per million residents

New York did a worse job than ANY COUNTRY on Earth!
Maybe Killer Cuomo should be asked to explain what happened in his state.