‘There’s no question he saved at least one innocent life and perhaps multiple’

Where Is MSM? Law-Abiding Gun Owner Stops Mass Shooting

Source: Kelen McBreen | Infowars.com

Two people died in an Indiana shooting on Tuesday, but more lives could have been lost if a heroic citizen with a concealed carry permit didn’t intervene.

Police in Brownsburg, Indiana say a 22-year-old black male named Joshua Hayes approached two men working at St. Malachy East Cemetery and opened fire.

Hayes allegedly chased after the two men, catching 36-year-old Seth Robertson and killing him before moving on to chase the second cemetery worker.

As the second man ran, Hayes continued firing until he caught up and the pair began physically fighting.

As the scuffle took place, a bystander who was sitting in his vehicle when it was hit by stray bullets pulled out his legal firearm and shot the assailant dead.

The valiant onlooker was injured by shrapnel when his car was shot up.

The armed citizen likely saved the second cemetery worker’s life as they were both treated on the scene and released by police after providing statements.

The unidentified licensed shooter’s lawyer Guy Relford explained, “The scenario was fairly clear to him in that the one person was chasing the other and the other was saying, ‘no, no, no, no please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me.’ And my client, under incredibly stressful circumstances, took aim, took his shot [and] hit the gunman.”

“The gunman stood up and was looking around and still had the gun in his hand, appeared to clearly intend to continue the attack at which point my client fired another two or three shots and the gunman went down,” he continued.

Relford also confirmed his client’s action saved at least one life and potentially more.

“So there’s no question he saved at least one innocent life and perhaps multiple,” Relford noted. “Because police said he had a drum-style magazine in his handgun that still had a couple of dozen rounds in it. So who knows how much mayhem could have resulted if my client hadn’t been the brave hero and good Samaritan that he was.”

The lawyer said Brownsburg police quickly determined the legally armed citizen “acted completely lawfully” and “was justified under Indiana law.”

Investigators say the attack was unprovoked and that there is no connection between Hayes and any of the victims.

Despite the shooter being a black man and the victims being white, police say there is no proof the incident was racially motivated.