‘The police need our help. They can’t stand alone. Don’t just sit by idly and let your country go to the ground,’ says Bevelyn Beatty

Heroic BLM Paint Vigilante Released by NYPD -- Paints Over TWO More Black Lives Matter Murals

Source: Infowars.com

After a woman was arrested for painting over the state-sanctioned Black Lives Matter street mural outside Trump Tower in New York City, she and her friends continued to paint over two more BLM murals after being released by the NYPD on Saturday night.

Just hours after being released, Bevelyn Beatty resumed her crusade to black out the yellow Black Lives Matter lettering also found in Harlem and Brooklyn, dumping black paint from a hatchback while vehicles behind inadvertently assisted by driving through and smearing the paint.

“Bevelyn and Edmee are officially released from the NYPD. They are doing wonderful and thank each and every one of you for your overwhelmingly incredible support and prayers!” Beatty said in a Facebook statement a couple hours after her release.


Beatty said that police are at their breaking point and need help from patriotic citizens.

“The police need our help. They can’t stand alone. Don’t just sit by idly and let your country go to the ground,” Beatty said before urging people to support President Trump and Christianity.

“We are taking our country back NOW!” the group repeatedly asserted


Beatty had been arrested Saturday, but explained that police were extremely kind to her for supporting them amid the anti-police climate ginned up by the BLM movement and the mainstream media.

“While they were detained, Bevelyn and Edmee were treated like royalty! This was the BEST experience they have ever had with any police department,” the statement on Beatty’s Facebook page continued.

“During their time with the NYPD, the Lord moved mightily. The police expressed their HIGH APPRECIATION for what Bevelyn and Edmee stood up for today. They expressed their concerns and fears for their city. They are in fear for the sake of NYC and voiced that they need MORE people like them to help and stand up for what is RIGHT! They even asked for PRAYER!!”