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Twitter REMOVES Video Retweeted by Trump After Linkin Park Files Copyright Claim

Source: RT 

Twitter has blocked a pro-Trump video retweeted by the president after rock band Linkin Park, whose music was used in the footage, demanded the clip be taken down. The move didn’t sit well with Donald Trump’s supporters.

The two-minute video, which featured flattering montages of Trump set to a cover of Linkin Park’s 2001 hit ‘In the End,’ was shared by White House social media director Dan Scavino. Trump then retweeted Scavino’s post, catching the attention of the band.

In a statement, Linkin Park said that it “did not and does not endorse” the US president, and had issued a cease and desist request.

A Twitter spokesman said that the company had removed the video after receiving a valid copyright complaint.

The move enraged Trump supporters on the platform, with many of them re-uploading the offending video. Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec shared the clip, jokingly urging his followers “not to [retweet] it.” His post has more than 38,000 retweets and over 50,000 likes.

Twitter has repeatedly locked horns with the US leader, who has accused Silicon Valley of being biased against him.

The platform removed a photograph of Trump, which was posted by the president, after the New York Times claimed ownership of it.

In another incident, Twitter included a warning label on one of Trump’s tweets, alleging that his message calling for a tough response to rioting in Minneapolis violated the site’s policy against “glorifying violence.”