Source: Joe Martino


  • The Facts:YouTube deletes Del Bigtree & The HighWire from YouTube with no explanation or warning as to why. We can imagine it’s due to their coverage of vaccines and COVID-19.
  • Reflect On:Do we live in a time where intelligent voices are being censored because they expose the mistruths of mainstream consensus? Why are we not having intelligent discussions about what alternative voices bring up?

YouTube will call it ‘not complying with community standards on COVID-19,’ but we all know their move to remove The HighWire is a move of censorship of information, under the guise of calling it mis-information.

What Happened: Like us here at CE, The HighWire has been questioning vaccine safety as well as COVID-19 over the past several years, and as of last night, YouTube decided delete  The HighWire’s YouTube channel, which has more than 100,000 subscribers, without notice.

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