Source:  Joe Hoft

The Democrats and many in the media are citing an interview between Roger Stone and Howard Fineman as proof that Stone “blackmailed“ President Trump into commuting his sentence. 

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. 

On national TV and in front of America, the Democrats berated, slandered and called the current US Attorney General a murderer.  The Democrat led House Intelligence Committee performed the most disgusting and disrespectful ‘interview’ in US history during their attack of AG Barr.

They weren’t interested in the truth.  They were after blood.  There are numerous examples.  One example was the exchange between prolific liar Eric Swalwell and AG Bill Barr.

In this exchange, where again Barr is not allowed time to answer the California Representative’s questions, Swalwell claims President Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence in an effort to protect Trump himself.  This lie ignores the fact that Stone was a victim of the corrupt and criminal Mueller investigation based on the lie that Trump colluded with Russia, which they knew was false the day the investigation started.

Stone was a casualty of the investigation built on the lie the Russia hacked the DNC.  He suffered under corrupt Mueller prosecutors who requested corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson be assigned the case (which she was), and who assigned a corrupt jury that hated Trump while preventing Stone from bringing up arguements in the case that would prove his innocence.

Democrat Swalwell then lies and claims in the exchange below that Stone “lied to save Trump’s butt”.  Then Swalwell quotes the corrupt Obama holdover prosecutors who eventually asked that 67-year-old Stone be sentenced to 9 years in prison – an outrageous unreasonably excessive sentence considering rapists get 3 years and Stone’s “lie” was a set up by corrupt Rep. Adam Schiff working with the Mueller gang related to an immaterial and insignificant matter.

Then Swalwell lies about Stone’s conversation with Howard Fineman where Swalwell claims Stone said he didn’t work with the corrupt prosecutors because he was trying to protect President Trump.  (see at the 2:30 mark in video below):

But Swalwell as he often does, lied. 

Roger Stone provided us a text between Fineman and Stone in which Fineman explicitly denies that Stone said that he was protecting President Trump by not working with the corrupt Mueller gang:

Stone shared with us that Swalwell’s claim, repeated in the liberal dishonest MSM and claims the exact opposite occured:

[This is the] exact opposite of what he said publicly repeatedly.  The Mueller goons pressured me to bear false witness against the president.

Swalwell and the Mueller goons are despicably dishonest individuals.  Swalwell lies while challenging the AG on lying.  What a piece of work.