Source: Joe Hoft

Corrupt and Crazy Judge Emmet Sullivan in a bind.  It looks like one way or another the Deep State judge will soon be off the General Flynn case.

It looks like Judge Emmet Sullivan will soon be removed from the General Flynn case.  It almost appears inevitable.  Techno Fog tweeted this yesterday:

It looks like his piers in the corrupt DC appeals court have come to a couple conclusions. One possibility is corrupt Judge Sullivan would disqualify himself for his perceived impartiality in the Flynn case.  No doubt the Judge is disturbed and possibly insane.  Never has the court had to deal with the crazy actions of this corrupt judge.  His actions not to through this case out are an abomination of the justice system.

The other possibility is that the judge will be deemed not biased and able to proceed, in which case Judge Emmet Sullivan will have to be removed from the case due to a bias and another judge would have to take over.