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Eddie Cochran sang about the “Summertime Blues” in 1958, a song many Democrats are singing loudly this summer. President Trump has deftly maneuvered Democrats into several untenable positions ahead of the November election.

Democrats now support urban destruction, domestic terrorism, hating America, defunding law enforcement, closing schools, and a full-on endorsement of the Sanders/AOC Marxist agenda. If Democrats truly wanted a Bernie revolution, he would be their nominee, rather than Joe Biden.

I wonder if Trump planned it this way, branding Sanders as “Crazy Bernie,” goading the DNC into nominating a supposedly more moderate Biden. Better corrupt, incompetent, and demented than crazy must have been the DNC reasoning, but now they are left with a big steaming mess and few options to clean it up.

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Polls are breaking Trump’s way. I don’t mean the litany of polls showing a double-digit lead for Biden, just as they did for Hillary Clinton four years ago, oversampling Democrats and polling whoever answers the phone rather than likely voters.

The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll is the first big media poll to show Trump with a lead over Biden, by 48 to 46 percent. More importantly they note,

Crucially, President Trump has a lead of 48 percent to 43 percent in the swing states Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin which would put him back in the White House with an electoral college tally of 309 to Biden’s 229.

What happened to those polls predicting another Democrat landslide electoral victory? Where are these Trump supporters coming from? Watch any cable or network news show or read any major American newspaper and receive a barrage of negative news about President Trump.

The media has lost any pretense of objectivity, now in full campaign mode. They are not necessarily pro-Biden, but they are certainly anti-Trump. Voters feel differently. Gallup notes an eight-point difference, favoring Republicans, in voters being “more enthusiastic than usual” about voting.

Another poll of interest is the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. As a reminder, Rasmussen was the most accurate poll predicting the 2016 election results. In their daily tracking poll, Trump topped 50 percent total approval this week, and on the most recent day, August 5, Trump polled two points ahead of Obama, 48 to 46 percent, exactly eight years ago at comparable points in their respective presidencies.

Lastly Axios reported, “The Trump campaign and RNC have now registered 100,000 new voters in the 2020 cycle, more than doubling their numbers from 2016.” More voters and more enthusiasm mean more Trump support.

Debates are the other cause for Democrat dyspepsia. Democrats are understandably and appropriately concerned about Joe Biden on a debate stage, for an hour or two, under the lights and the gaze of the entire world. Poor Joe has trouble reading prepared answers off a cue card or teleprompter during friendly interviews. How will he handle a live debate?

The New York Times, official campaign newspaper for the DNC, suggested this novel idea, “Let’s scrap the presidential debates.” Debates are not new. Lincoln and Douglas debated seven times in 1858, although this was during a Senate race. The first presidential debates were in 1960, between Kennedy and Nixon. Despite Nixon’s firmer grasp on the issues, he appeared haggard on camera and Kennedy was felt to be the winner.

The N.Y. Times may be biased but they are not stupid, and they recognize how a bumbling and incoherent Biden will appear in contrast to a confident and competent Trump. Former Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart agrees, recommending that Biden skip the debates supposedly “because of Trump’s track record of lying.” That’s rich coming from the press secretary of Slick Willie, whose most famous lie, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” is remembered to this day.

CNN’s resident clown Brian Stelter claims, “Right-wing media behind push for Biden not to debate Trump.” Logically his assertion is laughable. Why would anyone favoring Trump, media or otherwise, not be willing to pay money to watch a Trump-Biden debate?

Does Stelter not watch Trump’s press briefings or “chopper pressers” before he hops on Marine One, where Trump deftly answers any and all questions, about a wide variety of topics, without preparation or notes, from an overtly hostile press?

Perhaps Stelter is referring to the constantly whining Bill Kristol, whom Stelter believes is “right wing” but is actually a born again liberal. Kristol tweeted, “So I guess the fairest thing might be to skip the debates this year.” Good advice from someone calling himself a conservative whose life mission is to defeat Trump in favor of allowing BLM Marxists to run the country.

With a significant chunk of the undecided electorate watching the debates, skipping them is Biden’s only hope of keeping his rapidly deteriorating mental status hidden, especially since the media has no interest in discussing Biden’s cognitive difficulties.

How ironic that the same media gave wide coverage to a gaggle of psychiatrists and psychologists who, despite having never examined Trump, called for removing Trump from office due to, “serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States.”

In comparison, Dementia Joe doesn’t even know if he received cognitive testing. Last month he said he is “tested all the time” and now he says, “No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test?”

Biden also lashed out at the black reporter who asked about the cognitive test, displaying his racism in a moment of anger. He shamed the reporter, “Are you a junkie?”. In Biden’s mind, any black who pisses him off must be a drug addict. Where’s BLM on this? Imagine the reaction if Trump said this?

Let Trump and Biden debate, the more debates the merrier. Democrats will scramble to make excuses for Biden and rationalize cancelling any debates. They will soon be singing along with Eddie Cochran,

Sometimes I wonder

What I’m a-gonna do

But there ain’t no cure

For the summertime blues

The cure is massive Trump victory in November.