Source: foxnews, minnesota, washingtonexaminer

In the waning days before her critical primary, Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s opponent is turning up the heat as pulling off what would be a major upset is looking increasingly possible. 

According to Antone Melton-Meaux who is challenging the charter member of AOC’s “Squad” in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district, the controversial Omar’s campaign is “falling apart” as her allies become more desperate. 

The lawyer and political newcomer who is running on a message of respect and arriving at realistic solutions instead of divisive rhetoric made his remarks after the filing of an FEC complaint by the socialist Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor party that he illegally hid details about his consultants and donors. 

In dismissing the complaint as “frivolous” and filled with “falsities” Melton-Meaux said that it is nothing other than a  “desperate attempt” by Omar’s supporters to rescue a campaign that is in serious trouble. 

According to Minneapolis CBS affiliate WCCO:

“What this really is … frankly a desperate attempt by the DFL to resurrect Congresswoman Omar’s campaign that is falling apart. That’s what this is,” Melton-Meaux said.

The DPL is affiliated with the national Democratic party which has stood by Rep. Omar despite her ethical problems and her virulent anti-Semitism and would be losing one of its rock stars if Melton-Meaux springs the upset. 

The Federal Election Commission has received a complaint accusing Rep. Ilhan Omar’s primary opponent of failing to disclose some of his donors.

The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, which is affiliated with the Democratic Party, claimed that Omar’s primary opponent Antone Melton-Meaux was “conspiring to intentionally obscure” who had donated to his campaign and alleged he had been paying vendors off-the-books.

Melton-Meaux said the FEC complaint is a “desperate” attempt to muddy his campaign after he raked in seven times as much in donations as Omar.

“Today the DFL announced that they’re filing an FEC complaint against my campaign. This is a frivolous and baseless claim. And this is a continuation of more divisiveness and distraction from my opponent, Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is clearly desperate,” Melton-Meaux said.

“Scott Thomas, a former FEC commissioner and four-time chair of the FEC, who reviewed numerous complaints during his 30-year career with the FEC said, ‘The complaint by the DFL would be rejected by the FEC because it lacks merit,'” he added.

Melton-Meaux said it was “chilling and dangerous to the democratic process” for the DFL to file such complaints against primary challengers.

In addition to the last-minute FEC complaint, Nancy Pelosi recently began to funnel money into Omar’s campaign which was being badly beaten by Melton-Meaux’s ability to raise funds from those who are disgusted with the Somali-born bomb-thrower.

With swaths of Omar’s Minneapolis district having been destroyed by rioters and the radical socialist city council pushing to dismantle the police, Melton-Meaux has been able to capitalize by appealing to those who have suffered the consequences of hateful rhetoric spewed by the Squad. 

He also scored a major coup with the endorsement of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, a newspaper that is ready to pull the plug on the Omar experiment after only two years. 

Via The Star-Tribune:

Melton-Meaux brings a different sensibility to this race, one grounded in helping resolve disputes to move forward — a skill this country is much in need of. His thoughtful approach holds out the promise of building common ground. Whether it’s health care, criminal justice or affordable housing, Melton-Meaux appears progressive, but pragmatic. While Omar wants to lead a movement, Melton-Meaux seeks to serve the Fifth District.

On law enforcement, Melton-Meaux told the Editorial Board regarding the death of George Floyd: “I’ve had my own issues with police, even being detained as a law student by two white officers. I know that could have been a knee on my neck but for a few circumstances.” But instead of Omar’s calls to defund and even dismantle the police, Melton-Meaux would work to create a system in which police are held accountable for their actions.

It will all come down to turnout on Tuesday and whether AOC and Comrade Bernie are able to mobilize enough voters to once again vote against their own self-interests by giving Rep. Omar another term.