Franklin Graham Invites Christians to Attend Prayer March in Washington D.C.

Source: Kayla Koslosky | Editor

In a video announcement posted to Twitter on Saturday, Evangelist Franklin Graham encouraged fellow Christians to mark their calendars for a September prayer march.

“I’m announcing today that on Sept. 26, I’m going to be in our nation’s capital to pray – & I hope thousands of families, pastors, & churches will join me,” Graham, the son of the late Billy Graham, captioned the video.

“Our nation is in trouble, & we need God’s help,” he urged.

In the video announcement, Graham shared that the prayer march will start at noon at the Lincoln Memorial and marchers will walk the length of the national mall.

“I hope that you’ll join me on the 26th of September. Noon, okay? And we’re gonna march from one end of this mall to the other, it’ll take us about two hours,” Graham said.

“We’re gonna pray for this nation. Our only hope for this country is God,” he added.

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