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Cardboard cutouts are life size replicas of a person, typically famous, perfect for parties, events, and photoshoots, as Amazon describes for a cardboard cutout of President Trump. As Amazon explains, these cutouts are easy to assemble, stand on their own, won’t break or damage easily and best of all come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Joe Biden is a cardboard cutout candidate. He was easy to assemble. He did no work on his own with his handlers at CNN and MSNBC assembling his candidacy out of the ash heap of the Democrat primaries.

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Granted Biden’s primary opponents were as far left as he was, but they at least were functioning at a normal cognitive level. They could give speeches and interviews in a coherent manner without tripping over each sentence and inserting their foot in their mouth every time they spoke.

Unfortunately Crazy Bernie won the first two primaries, Iowa and New Hampshire, with Biden finishing a distant fourth, and the Democrat establishment took matters into their own hands as they did four years ago. Biden then started winning votes, at least the smiling cardboard cutout did, and the DNC dragged him across the finish line.

The Biden cutout won’t break easily as long as it is kept safely in a basement, away from large gatherings, speeches, debates, or even media interviews. Unfortunately, this cutout doesn’t come with a money back guarantee. Those investing millions of dollars in the Biden cardboard cutout won’t get their money back when Trump gets reelected.

Biden the candidate might fare better as a pull string doll, preprogramed with catchy phrases to spout every time his wife, or the real forces behind his candidacy, and potential presidency, pull his string. Clever and novel short utterances like, “Trump is a racist,” “Trump hates immigrants,” or “Trump is Putin’s puppet” could be on rotation from Biden’s mouth when his string is pulled, just as they are from CNN anchors.

Any of those hackneyed claims would have better than Biden’s recent interviews. In the space of a few days, he managed to contradict himself on cognitive testing, itself a failed cognitive test, and insulted blacks, not once but twice.

In early July at a press conference before a handful of Democrat operatives pretending to be journalists, Biden was asked, “Have you been tested for some degree of cognitive decline?” Failing immediately,

Biden first tried to interrupt the reporter and began calling him “a lying dog-faced—” before chuckling and letting him finish the question. He then answered, “I’ve been tested, and I’m constantly tested.”

As expected, there was no follow up question as to who tested Biden and what the results were, unlike reporters wanting to know every question Trump was asked in his cognitive test. He has yet to be asked what a dog faced pony soldier is.

This week, Biden forgot what he told the dog faced pony soldier reporter a month ago and did a complete 180. When a CBS reporter asked Biden if had taken a cognitive test, Biden had a different answer, “No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? Come on, man.”

Aside from the non-woke gender ignorance of calling the reporter a “man”, without hearing any gender pronouns ahead of the interview, or knowing if the reporter was binary or non-binary, cis or trans, or any of the other gender qualifiers so relevant to the Democrat base, Dementia Joe failed a basic cognition test by not knowing if he was even tested.

To paraphrase John Kerry, Biden was for constant cognitive testing until he was against it. Ironically, he shows his cognition, or lack of, every time he opens his mouth. Not content with showcasing his mental decline, he doubled down on his long history of racism.

During his recent “Come on man” interview, he asked the reporter, “Are you a junkie?” In fairness Biden, he might have confused the reporter with his son Hunter, actually a junkie, just as he confused his wife and sister a few months ago.

In Racist Joe’s world, blacks are junkies. Exceptions are the “articulate, bright, clean and nice looking” blacks like Barack Obama. Or the “poor kids” who are just as bright as “white kids.” Don’t forget his recent Breakfast Club interview where he told a largely black audience, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, you ain’t black.”

Biden so liked the taste of his right foot in his mouth that he decided to nibble his left foot a few days later. In another interview he answered that the Latino community in the United States was diverse, “unlike the African American community with notable exceptions.” What exceptions?

Did he mean the black, clean, and articulate Barack Obama, who if you use CNN’s logic in describing George Zimmerman, is actually a “white African American” as Obama’s mother was white.

Despite downplaying Biden’s comments, the media was forced to acknowledge, as ABC News did that Biden’s, “Pattern of blunders could impact support within the Black community.”

Impact indeed. Rasmussen Reports, in their July 19-23 poll of US likely voters found 40 percent total support among blacks for President Trump. With Republican presidents typically capturing around 10 percent of the black vote, imagine if Trump gets 20 percent, half of the Rasmussen approval number? Can you say landslide?

We are told white suburban women voters are offended by Trump’s tweets and demeanor and won’t vote for him. Don’t be so sure as BLM and Antifa invade their suburban enclaves, encouraged by the Democrat party. They may prefer Trump’s tweets to a Molotov cocktail through their living room window.

Expect Basement Biden to be a kept hidden away from the public – interviews, debates, speeches, and rallies. The more he talks, the worse it is for him and his campaign. Regardless of which woman of color he chooses for his running mate, Biden is at the top of the ticket. Yet he is a phantom candidate, only allowed in public for brief glimpses, compared to Trump giving hour long press conferences daily.

The election is a binary choice – Trump versus Biden. America versus non-America. Law and order versus mayhem and destruction. Prosperity versus poverty. The flag versus the fist. Tweets versus terror.

Biden and the Democrats are on the losing end of these choices and the more America sees and hears the modern Joe Biden the worse for him and his electoral prospects.

He will be kept tucked away in his basement and the cardboard cutout Joe will emerge to smile and wave at Democrats and Never-Trumpers so eager to see America decline into a second world nation. Not only will we have a cardboard cutout president but also a cardboard cutout nation.