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The far left media are angry that President Trump is crushing Sleepy Joe Biden in online engagement and they are blaming The Gateway Pundit for this. 

We happily accept their recognition.  However, their accusations are incomplete.

Far-left AXIOS reported today that President Trump is crushing Sleepy Joe Biden in online engagement.  This is no surprise due to President Trump being so successful in his first term and Sleepy Joe being unable to get out of his basement.

AXIOS reports:

TRENDING: The Choice in 2020: President Trump Who Created the GREATEST Economic Recovery EVER vs. Joe Biden Who Was Behind WORST Economic Recovery Since the Great Depression

Traffic to President Trump’s presidential campaign website is more than 4x greater than traffic to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign website, thanks in large part to traffic referrals from right-wing outlets like The Gateway Pundit and Citizen Free Press, according to data from SimilarWeb.

Why it matters: The data speaks to the enormous role the far-right web plays in promoting the president’s ideas and his re-election campaign.

  • Web traffic to campaign websites is important because it can help campaigns fundraise, sell merchandise, and rally enthusiasm amongst voters.

Details: Nearly 60% of traffic to Trump’s website from May to July of this year came from The Gateway Pundit, a far-right news and opinion website that has a reputation for spreading falsehoods and conspiracies, and Citizen Free Press, a fringe-right website that links out to stories using hyper-partisan headlines.

  • Meanwhile, the majority of traffic to Joe Biden’s website (over 65%) in May and June came from the Democrats’ online fundraising platform ActBlue.
  • Small percentages of traffic also come from mainstream news websites.

AXIOS shows that President Trump’s engagement per their survey is four times that of Sleepy Joe Biden’s:

Next AXIOS claims that the top website that supports President Trump, and is responsible for his trouncing of Biden online, is us, The Gateway Pundit (TGP):

We happily accept the accolades from left-wing AXIOS regarding our support for President Trump.  We believe that President Trump is one of the greatest Presidents in US history, let alone of our lifetime.  He created the greatest economy in world history, he made America the top oil producer in the world, he is overseeing the greatest economic recovery in history currently, he has performed numerous activities that are for the betterment of all Americans, while at the same time fighting back against a corrupt Deep State and media who want him gone.

We are proud to support our President!

However, we disagree with AXIOS’s description of TGP using the comments from a Biden Staffer:

What they’re saying: “It is no secret that Donald Trump and his campaign cultivate the dark, hardcore rightwing fringes of the internet so they can escape reality,” says Andrew Bates, Director of Rapid Response for the Biden campaign.

  • “In the real world, distraught Americans are desperately searching for Donald Trump’s somehow-still-nonexistent strategy to pull us out of this catastrophe of his own making — even after his failed leadership has claimed over 160,000 lives, cost tens of millions their jobs, and left the United States the hardest hit nation by the pandemic in the entire world,” says Bates.

To suggest that TGP is part of the dark, hardcore rightwing fringe of the Internet is false.  We are a major website that deals with reality.  We reported accurately for years that the Russia – collusion coup was a fraud.  We’ve led the internet on numerous stories.  This is now certifiable per actual news reports, court documents and testimonies in front of Congress. 

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We are not providing information to our growing pool of readers for them to escape reality. 

We provide factual content to escape the liberal lying lunatics in the left-wing media and their fraudulent and dishonest liberal biased reporting. 

This is why we continue to grow, day after day, and year after year.

Another point from the AXIOS hit piece that we disagree with is also connected to the Trump campaign per the article:

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A source close to the Trump campaign says that according to the campaign’s internal metrics, WinRed — the Republicans’ online fundraising tool — is a top traffic referrer to Trump’s site.

We don’t know that the Trump campaign made this statement because the AXIOS source is unnamed.  But assuming it is accurate, this indicates that the data AXIOS used to support their article are incomplete.  Where are other online sites: Breitbart, The Daily Caller, TheConservativeTreehouse, Free Republic, Redstate, Infowars, The Daily Wire, Townhall, Zero Hedge, Twitter, FB, OANN, Conservative Review, Western Journal, and others, that support President Trump in AXIOS’ statistics?  We don’t even know who a couple of the sources enumerated in the Axios list are.

A final point is that the major source for the Biden camp is ActBlue.  We have reported separately on ActBlue, the Soros and Black Lives Matter connected website the Democrats use for funding and donations.

The fact that ActBlue is Biden’s top source from the web is certainly dark and fringe and unimpressive, even perturbing.

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We will continue to report the truth at TGP, and stand up for what is right and just, and accurate in our reporting.  To hell with lying liberal, er, leftie, lunatics!