Source: Hannah Bleau

Cringey moments served as an unfortunate hallmark of Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) flailing presidential campaign – a phenomenon that worsened as she continued to fall in the polls.

Harris, who once bragged about her status as a “top tier candidate,” resorted to desperate measures after her steady collapse in the polls. She embraced a number of unconventional and cringey methods in efforts to garner support. Here are some of her most awkward attempts to win over the hearts and minds of the Democrat Party over the course of her bid.

1. Harris said she was “f*cking moving to Iowa.”

A reporter overheard a frustrated Harris telling a colleague in September that she was “f*cking moving to Iowa.” Word got out, and the Harris campaign tried to capitalize on the otherwise embarrassing moment, with her communications director Lily Adams promoting a shirt quoting her boss:

2. Harris made good on her word to “f*cking” move to Iowa yet still failed to garner support, even after making dinner in Iowans’ homes.

Harris eventually succumbed to her mounting frustrations and opted to go “all-in” on Iowa in hopes of reviving her campaign. She even resorted to making meals in supporters’ homes.

As Breitbart News detailed:

Harris, who is currently polling with three percent support in the Hawkeye State, is trying a different approach, focusing on intimate meetings and small-scale events rather than large gatherings. The Los Angeles Times reports that Harris is actively “making dinner in supporters’ homes and dropping in on small businesses, in hopes that one-on-one encounters can help close the deal with caucus-goers who will make or break her presidential aspirations.”

That strategy is not necessarily new for Harris, as she reportedly helped “prepare Sunday suppers in peoples’ homes” as part of her Hawkeye State blitz last month.

3. Harris bizarrely broke into a southern accent during last month’s Democrat debate in Atlanta, Georgia.

The then-presidential hopeful was attempting to explain how she would  unite the “Obama coalition” in the White House, before slipping into a southern accent:

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