Source: Jim Hoft

Shaun King is a prominent leader in the Black Lives Matter movement.
He has made a lucrative career for himself pretending to be black.

But his birth certificate shows Shaun King is white.

In November 2018 Shaun King wrote he was 99% sure he will not support a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket.

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But on Tuesday it took Shaun King about two hours to endorse that same ticket on Tuesday.

Obviously, King had no problem switching his position, pronto. He’s as phony as Kamala herself. She is the most chameleon of all politicians, right after the empty vessel, Biden himself. You can pour anything into the empty Biden/Harris bin. If you’re for or against it, so are they.

Integrity is absent in the Democrat Party of today. They stand for nothing, or for anything. USA, don’t play!

Important note: The Biden camp is, in Machiavellian ways, trying to sell Kamala as the “moderate” on the ticket, which doesn’t add up to the “Kamala Harris is the most progressive VP nominee in American history”, via Shaun King, above.