Unnamed Afghan migrant drug dealer was released because he wasn’t considered a flight risk

GERMANY: Migrant Rapes 11-Year-Old, Gets Released After 12 Days, Then Rapes 13-Year-Old

Source: National File

An unnamed migrant living in Germany, originally accused of sexually molesting a young girl, struck again days after his arrest when he was released in less than two weeks after legal officials declared he would not be a flight risk.

The Afghan migrant, who currently holds a temporary residence permit, was picked up after it was believed he had sexually abused an 11-year-old girl. The migrant was then released only to allegedly rape a 13-year-old girl after luring her to a hallway in an apartment block in Dortmund.

After the second brutal sexual assault his teenage victim was able to help identify the man with an accurate depiction of the suspect.

Legal officials released the man shortly after his first alleged offence because he was not considered to be a “flight risk” and only had drug dealing criminal antecedents, according to BILD. The man had a temporary German residence permit and a home of his own.

“He had previously appeared for a narcotics offense, but not in connection with sexual offenses. He has a permanent place of residence and therefore there was no reason to hold the refugee,” said the prosecutor.

Another public prosecutor, Börge Klepping, signaled that the second sexual assault was a “similar incident” to the first.

“He is in remand for serious sexual abuse in unity of crime with rape,” Klepping said.

Klepping could not give further details on the case in order to protect the identity of the young victims.

Germany, like Sweden, has drawn criticism for their soft legal approach to crimes committed by migrants since the inception of the Migrant Crisis, five years ago.

Earlier this year, National File reported on a case where a migrant was handed a suspended sentence for a brutal and fatal assault on a German man that was caught on security camera. The migrant defendant laughed at the victim’s father from the dock.

Germany has also made strides in criminalizing hate speech toward the EU Flag and anthem in recent months.