Source: Joe Hoft

Millie Weaver from InfoWars was reportedly arrested at home in Ohio this weekend shortly after releasing a video documentary labeled “Shadowgate”. 

The video is about a group of individuals and government contractors who are behind the Obamagate coup attempt of President Trump.  These people really run the government.

According to one supporter who shared with us the video:

This is the Most Amazing investigative documentary I have ever seen. Produced by Millie Weaver an Independent / Info Wars journalist.  Millie deserves a Pulitzer Prize, but instead was arrested Friday along with her husband on burglary charges and has been indicted by a grand jury seated in Ohio.  There is more important information contained in this report than I have seen in all the years I have been following internet news.

The video is about the preservation of our Privacy, Liberty, and Freedom.  The information contained needs to be made common knowledge before the election.  Big Tech immediately censored the report.