Getty Images/Democratic National Convention via AP

Source: DAVID NG

Late night comedians usually love to tear into President Donald Trump and his supporters. But on Monday, they also took aim at their own side by mocking the virtual Democratic National Convention as an uninspiring turkey that, as one host put it, consisted of “long speeches over Zoom.”

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah spoke for many when he panned the event as a low-energy affair. “We all have to admit that a convention that takes place over zoom, it just doesn’t have the same juice,” the Comedy Central host said.  “Joe Biden is the cheerios of presidential candidates. He’s not the most exciting option but deep down, you know he’s good for you.”

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon also mocked the convention’s virtual format, saying that “nothing quite fires up Americans more like long speeches over Zoom.”

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee was clearly bored, comparing the convention to a “PBS pledge drive” and joking that party leaders failed to put forth a coherent platform.

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