“Republican” Gov. ‘Santa Anna’ Abbott still won’t call in legislature, continues to rule by fiat

Gov. Abbott Tells Texans: Wear A Mask Around Family, Even 'In Your Backyard,' Until Covid-19 Vaccine

Source: Infowars.com

Gov. Greg Abbott, who ran for office as a “conservative” Republican, now says Texans should wear masks around their families, even in their own backyards, until there’s a Covid-19 vaccine.

The governor has also drawn comparisons to Santa Anna, the Mexican politician who spurred the 1836 Texas Revolution by ruling much like a dictator.

Abbott has similarly refused to call in a special session of the Texas legislature during the Covid-19 scare, meaning that all his orders are done by his decree.

“Sometimes it’s just gatherings of family members, sometimes it’s gatherings of friends,” Abbott said last Thursday. “Sometimes it’s in a backyard, sometimes it’s at some other type of social event.”

“People need to understand that until we have better medications that can treat COVID-19, until we have the vaccines that will end COVID-19, people must maintain vigilance, even when just gathering with family members, to make sure you do continue to wear masks.”

Keep in mind that Texas cases rose back in May despite people already wearing masks because the state started testing more people – and also controversially started counting “probable cases” without tests.

Abbott also failed to provide full, concrete evidence that masks are working, which is a valid concern given that Texas cases rose despite more people wearing masks.

And he’s putting too much hope in a Covid-19 vaccine when an effective vaccine for the common cold doesn’t even exist.

According to the Texas Scorecard:

Do you remember “Fifteen days to slow the spread”?

Back in March, citizens were told to give in to government mandates, shutdowns, and stay-at-home orders in order to slow the spread of the Chinese coronavirus and avoid overburdening our healthcare systems.

That was 153 days ago.

Since then, Texans have been hit by rising unemployment, business closures, and bleak economic outlooks, all while Gov. Greg Abbott and state health officials continue to move the goalposts for when a return to normalcy can take place.

And people are getting tired.

This, of course, is going to have a devastating effect on small businesses in Texas for years because Texans won’t be motivated to maintain a business if it can be shut down by the governor arbitrarily without any input from the legislature.

It also makes you wonder what kind of dirt the powers that be have on Abbott after he greenlit Democratic city officials demanding local businesses require their customers wear masks.

This came after Abbott said a statewide, individual mandate on mask-wearing was unconstitutional.

What resulted, of course, was the same despite the splitting-hairs ‘difference’ in Abbott’s mind – and it wasn’t very Republican to force more red tape on business owners.

“Business owners across the state continue to face uncertainty over whether they will make it to the end of the year, all while the governor has extended his 30-day emergency declarations five times, without any input from the elected Legislature,” the Scorecard added.

Now will conservatives in Texas push for his recall, or will they simply bitch and complain on message boards while doing nothing except putting their masks on throughout the day and eventually voting for him again?