Clinton insider turned CNN pundit now thinks it might be better if Limbaugh dies

Clinton Press Secretary "Rethinks" Limbaugh Cancer Well Wishes

Source: Steve Watson |

Bill Clinton’s former press secretary tweeted earlier this week that he is “rethinking” having wished Rush Limbaugh well after it was revealed that the legendary talks radio host is battling lung cancer.

In a sickening tweet, Joe Lockhart, now a CNN pundit, essentially said he now thinks it might be better if Limbaugh dies.

In February, Lockhart had resisted taking as low a road as many of his fellow leftists.

“I wish a full recovery for Rush Limbaugh but the idea he deserves a medal of freedom is offensive,” Lockhart tweeted at the time. “He’s built a radio empire on spreading hate, spewing disinformation and dividing Americans. It cheapens the Medal for every person who earned the distinction.”

It seems that the former Clinton insider, who recently begged Biden not to debate Trump, changed his mind about Limbaugh’s survival after the conservative host hit out at Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris last week.

“I have two stories about Kamala Harris. One’s from The Spectator, and one is [from] the oddball sports websites,” Limbaugh announced on his show, going on to explain how stories are circulating that Harris “slept her way up into California political life by being a very public escort and mattress for California Democrat kingmaker Willie Brown.”

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Back In February, numerous verified leftists on Twitter reacted to Limbaugh’s announcement of his stage four cancer by celebrating.

These are the same people who will assert the moral high ground at every available opportunity.

In reality, they’re amoral monsters who want to see people suffer painful deaths simply because they hold different political opinions.