Source: Deborah Franklin

On August 12th, Marjorie Taylor Greene was declared the victor in a Republican House primary in Georgia and is now poised to become the first self-proclaimed Q supporter in Congress. Her victory prompted increasingly frantic media attacks on Q and heavy tech censorship, as Facebook closed down or restricted more than 10,000 Q accounts.

Despite the attacks and censorship, public interest in Q has grown so massive that a reporter finally asked President Trump about it a week after Greene’s victory became known.  “I heard that these are people who love our country,” Trump responded, also noting that Q supporters “like me very much.” (Note: If you are new to Q, please read “An Introduction to Q,” and my other Q articles, here.)

The President’s refusal to condemn Q seemed to infuriate the press, who called it “incredibly dangerous” and claimed it “puts the lives of innocent Americans at risk.” But much to the media’s dismay, their efforts to stop Q’s influence only seem to heighten Q’s reach.

There’s good reason for the Q phenomenon: with the country on lockdown and a presidential election looming, Q provides an alternative perspective, one often violating establishment norms, on the staggering events that are devastating our lives. Of immediate importance, Q raises questions about the complex relationship between China, the Democrats, the COVID virus and the election.

Clearly, powerful interests do not want the American public to contemplate Q’s answers to those questions.

Recently, Nancy Pelosi stated, “China would prefer Joe Biden.” It’s not hard to see why. As a new ad for President Trump claims: “With Joe Biden, China is in charge.” In fact, Peter Navarro, White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, has flatly accused the Democrats of working with the Chinese Communist Party to win the election, warning that “if the Biden folks are able to win in November, they’re basically going to turn this country over to the Chinese Communist Party.”

How far does the alliance of the Democrats and the Chinese Community Party go? Would the Democrats actually work with the Chinese to spread the COVID virus across America? According to Q, the disturbing answer is yes. Here are some points to consider, with Q’s guidance, as we try to understand the horrifying experiences we are living through.

Origin of the virus

President Trump refers to COVID as the “China virus” or “Wuhan virus,” but the Democrats have labored hard to shield China from any blame. Senator Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s running mate, introduced legislation condemning the phrases “Wuhan virus,” “Chinese virus,” and “Kung Flu,” for perpetrating “anti-Asian stigma.” And Governor Andrew Cuomo, in his featured speech at the Democrats’ National Convention, insisted on calling it the “European virus.”

The Democrats are so eager to obscure the virus’s origin that Nancy Pelosi blocked a Congressional investigation into millions of U.S. tax dollars that went to Wuhan Institute of Virology. However, Q has pointed to two items that may shed some light: the arrest of Dr. Charles Lieber, Chairman of Harvard University’s Chemical and Chemical Biology Departments, for not disclosing his highly-paid research for Wuhan University of Technology, and an Australian study that indicated that the virus is man-made, and not of human origin.

These facts might indicate that American talent and tax dollars contributed to the laboratory creation of this virus in China, and that Democrats want to hide that information.

The virus’s advantages for the Democrats

“Traitors everywhere. [D] leadership in joint ops w/China [CCP] in effort to regain power? It was never about the virus,” wrote Q on July 31st.

Q then proceeded to explain the many advantages the virus brought the Democrats: It decimated the booming economy and laid off millions of workers, wrecking Trump’s great economic achievements. It stopped Trump’s huge campaign rallies, which showcased his popularity, and sheltered Biden from public appearances, limiting public exposure of his mental condition.

The lockdown also shifted focus from Biden’s burgeoning Ukraine scandal and offered him an excuse to refuse to debate. It encouraged state bailouts for New York and California, and increased the national debt, placing China in a controlling debt position in which it could regain leverage.

And, of course, the lockdown allowed the Democrats to relentlessly insist on mail-in ballots as the only safe voting option, thereby setting the stage for record-breaking fraud.

Operational spread of the virus

Q focuses on the significant date of January 15, 2020 on which three linked events happened: 1) After long delays, the House finally delivered impeachment articles to the Senate. 2) Trump and China signed a trade deal, which disadvantaged China. 3) The first COVID patient in America arrived from China at Seattle-Tacoma Airport.

The net effect of these developments was that the Democrats put on a big impeachment show, which drew attention away from the silent spread of COVID in America. And the Chinese, who had lost face and money, were reassured that they would soon prevail again.

Helping COVID to spread across America, Democratic politicians in New York and California, such as Nancy Pelosi and Mayor DiBlasio, urged crowds to come out and celebrate the Chinese New Year. Democratic governors like Andrew Cuomo and Phil Murphy forced COVID patients into nursing homes, quickly killing thousands of seniors, thereby driving up the death count that justified the lockdown. And, of crucial importance, Democratic politicians and their allies in the media and medical establishment demonized hydroxychloroquine and denied its use, cutting off access to life-saving treatment.

One of Q’s big themes is “Infiltration not invasion,” the notion that America has been sold to its enemies by powerful politicians and their donors, who gave China access without alarming the American people. The Democrats would like to keep getting lavish deals for themselves and their family members, like the one Hunter Biden received from a Chinese investment fund.

But another motive may be even more powerful: fear. If the people who sold us to the Chinese faced criminal investigations, they could end up in jail or worse. Senator Dianne Feinstein, whom Q has claimed is a key player, does not welcome inquiry into why she employed a Chinese spy for 20 years.  Hillary Clinton may not want probes into how top secret information came into the hands of the Chinese during her term as head of the State Department that enabled the murders of American intelligence assets in China. Nancy Pelosi is not eager to discuss her former communications director, who is a registered lobbyist for the Chinese Communist Party. And, of course, no Democrats are demanding investigations into how Chinese spies instigated “The Big Hack,” which used a microchip to infiltrate America’s top companies, Department of Defense data centers, CIA operations, and Navy warships.

If America falls so does the world,” warns Q. “Only when we stand together, only when we are united, can we defeat this highly entrenched dark enemy.”